P and T Violation at Low Energies and
Related Phenomena

June 9-11, 2008

Speakers include

W. Bernreuther (Aachen)
M.-A. Bouchiat (Paris)
D. Budker (Berkeley)
M. DeKieviet (Heidelberg)
E. de Rafael (Marseille)
R. Dunford (Argonne)
T. Gasenzer (Heidelberg)
E.W. Hughes (Columbia)
I.B. Khriplovich (Novosibirsk)
K. Kirch (PSI, Villigen)
L. Labzowsky (GSI/St. Petersburg)
R. Lehnert (MIT)
F. Maas (GSI/Mainz)
M. Ramsey-Musolf (Wisconsin-Madison)
L. Roberts (Boston)
G. Saathoff (MPQ, Garching)
J. Sapirstein (Notre Dame)
L. C. Sinclair (Boulder)
R.G.E. Timmermans (Groningen)
L. Willmann (Groningen)

The aim of the workshop is to bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss recent developments and future prospects in the following fields:
Parity violation in atoms,
Electric dipole moments of the elementary particles,
The muon's g-2,
Tests of Lorentz and CPT symmetry.
Several related topics will also be covered.


Th. Gasenzer,
O. Nachtmann

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