General Information

For more than thirty years the Johns Hopkins Workshops on Current Problems in Particle Theory have provided a forum for physicists working at the forefront of particle physics and related areas to discuss their ideas in an informal atmosphere. This series of workshops has been held in the United States, in Italy, in Germany, in the People's Republic of China, in Hungary and in Sweden (see here for a complete list of the previous workshops). The workshop in 2007 is entitled

Physics at the LHC - A Challenge for Theory and Experiment

Format of the Workshop:

The Workshop will consist of invited plenary talks and discussion sessions.

Organizing Commitee:

L. Brink (Goteborg, ITP), R. Casalbuoni (Florence U.), G. Domokos (Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore), A. Hebecker (Heidelberg U.), Z. Horváth ((Eotvos U.,Budapest), S. Kövesi-Domokos (Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore), S. De Curtis (Florence, INFN), R. Marnelius (Goteborg, ITP), K. Meier (Heidelberg U.), O. Nachtmann (Heidelberg U.), A. Patkós (Budapest, Eotvos U.), S. J. Rey (Seoul National U.).

Local Organizers:

A. Hebecker, M. Maniatis, K. Meier, O. Nachtmann, R. Stamen


Universität Heidelberg
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in the Framework of the International Graduate School "Intelligent Detectors" and the "Graduate School of Fundamental Physics".
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung in the Framework of the ATLAS Project (FSP101).
Johns Hopkins University

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