Physics at the LHC -
A Challenge for Theory and Experiment

Heidelberg, August 2-4, 2007

Speakers include

R. Barbieri(SNS Pisa)
W. Bernreuther(RWTH Aachen)
R. Cousins(UCLA)
K. Desch(Bonn)
M. Drees(Bonn)
C. Ewerz(ECT Trento)
M. Grothe(Torino/Wisconsin)
H. Lacker(Dresden)
G. Landsberg(Brown)
A. D. Martin(Durham)
K. Meier(Heidelberg)
S. Moch(DESY-Zeuthen)
Y. Nomura(Berkeley)
G. Polesello(INFN Pavia)
A. Pomarol(Barcelona)
A. Quadt(Göttingen)
Ch. Royon(CEA Saclay)
E. Shuryak(SUNY Stony Brook)
J. Stachel(Heidelberg)
G. Weiglein(Durham)

The aim of the workshop is to bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss recent developments in LHC physics.


O. Nachtmann

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The Johns Hopkins Workshops are organized by the Eotvos, Florence, Goteborg, Heidelberg, Johns Hopkins and Seoul National Universities.

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