Name Title
R.F. Alvarez-Estrada Initial States and Time Evolution for Out-of-Equilibrium gauge and Dirac fields
S. Bludman Bad News for Tracking Quintessence
P. Crompton Composite reweighting Lattice QCD at Finite Baryon Density
G. Devidze Heavy quarks and leptons rare decays
S. Ejiri Study of the QCD phase transition at low density
O. Espinosa The magnetized relativistic electron gas in terms of Hurwitz zeta functions
S. Fortunato Heavy Quark Free Energies and Screening in SU(2) Gauge Theory
P. Giovannangeli 't Hooft loop in hot gluodynamics
F. Guerin A real-time path-integral for ultrasoft QCD, as a Feynman's influence functional
S. Holtmann The standard O(6) symmetric spin model
J. Hosek Anisotropic colored superfluid
O. Kaczmarek Heavy quark free energies
F. Karsch Thermal spectral functions
C. Korthals Altes Finite Temperature Phase transition with Kaluza Klein fields
F.J. Llanes-Estrada Rho and Sigma Mesons from FiniteTemperature Chiral Perturbation Theory
J.M. Martinez Resco The Ward identity for ladder summation for electrical conductivity in hot QED
H. Meyer High spin glueballs
S. Michalski Nonequilibrium Dynamics of the Scalar O(N)-Model in the Hartree Approximation
B.-J. Nauta On asymmetric Chern-Simons number diffusion
T. Nishikawa Spectral function of the sigma meson at finite temperature in optimized perturbation theory to 2-loop
U. Reinosa Self consistent approximations in thermal field theories
P. Romatschke Cold deconfined matter EOS through an HTL quasiparticle model
M. Saleem Present Status of Small-x Physics
C. Schmidt The QCD phase diagram for small chemical potentials
K. Schwenzer Renormalization Group Approach to the Phase Diagram of Quark Matter
J. Serreau Parametric resonance in quantum field theory
D. Sexty Physical excitations of tachyonic preheating
A. Shoshi High-Energy Scattering in the Loop-Loop Correlation Model
J. Smit W-particle distribution in electroweak tachyonic preheating
I.O. Stamatescu Lattice results for hadronic correlators in the QCD plasma phase
F.D. Steffen Gluon Saturation at Small X
C. Strouthos Dimensional reduction in a fermionic model at finite temperature
Z. Szep The scalar-isoscalar spectral function of strong matter in a large N approximation
A. Tranberg Chern-Simons number asymmetry from CP-violation at tachyonic preheating
I. Tziligakis Thermodynamics of Improved Lattice QCD with Chiral 4-fermi Interactions
M. Vettorazzo Finite temperature Z_n phase transition with Kaluza-Klein gaugefields




G. Aarts Transport coefficients and quantum fields
G. Akemann Matrix model correlation functions for the Dirac operator with chemical potential
J.O. Andersen Hard-thermal loops and QCD thermodynamics
A. Arrizabalaga \Phi-derivable approximations in gauge theories
R. Baier Bottom-up scenario and Au-Au collisions at RHIC
J. Berges Parametric resonance in quantum field theory
J.P. Blaizot Nonlinear gluon evolution in path integral form
D. Bodeker Generalizing kinetic equations
S. Borsanyi Nonequilibrium Goldstone phenomenon in hybrid inflation
P. de Forcrand QCD phase diagram from imaginary chemical potential
Z. Fodor Lattice QCD results at finite temperature and density
M. Giovannini Cosmic magnetic fields from large and small extra dimensions
S. Hands Lattice Study of the Fermi Surface in NJL4
A. Hebecker High energy scattering and diffraction at HERA
M. Hindmarsh The Electroweak Phase Transition in Real Time
D.K. Hong positivity of high density effective theory
E. Iancu The colour glass condensate
A. Jakovac Quantum corrections to Boltzmann equations
K. Kajantie Summary talk
E. Laermann Lattice studies of QCD thermodynamics
M. Laine The effective theory approach to hot QCD thermodynamics
K. Langfeld Lattice effective theories and the deconfinement phase transition at finite densities
M. Losada Possible baryogenesis scenarios
C. Manuel QCD Effective Actions from the solutions of transport equations
L. McLerran A theorist's perspective on the results from RHIC
I. Montvay Numerical simulation with light quarks
G. Moore Transport coefficients at leading order diagrams versus kinetic theory
E. Mottola Gauge Invariance in 2PI Effective Actions
S. Mrowczynski Collective excitations in anisotropic quark-gluon plasma
M. Müller-Preussker The semi-classical structure of SU(2) lattice gauge theory at 0 < T < T_c
O. Philipsen What mediates the longest correlations in the QCD plasma
H.J. Pirner Critical correlations of wilson lines in SU(3) and thehigh-energy gamma* p cross-section
R. Pisarski Dilute nuclear matter in chiral perturbation theory
T. Prokopec Kinetic approach to EWB
A. Rajantie Defect formation in hot gauge theories
A. Rebhan HTL resummed thermodynamics of hot and dense QCD
A. Ringwald How to detect the cosmic neutrino background
D. Rischke High density QCD matter
F. Sannino Low energy theories at high matter density
F. Schrempp QCD Instantons and Small-x Diffraction
I. Shovkovy Quark stars and their cooling
J. Stachel Minibang in the laboratory: Heavy ion collisions at the SPS and outlook for LHC
S. Stickan In Medium Properties of Hadrons
I. Tkachev Preheating and thermalization after inflation
B. Tomasik Scattering rate and phase-space density at freeze-out in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
O. Törnkvist Photon dynamics in inflation
C. Wetterich Can Quintessence explain why the universe accelerates now?
U.A. Wiedemann Jet Tomography For Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC
U.-J. Wiese Sign and complex action problems
L. Yaffe Quasi particle dynamics and transport processes in relativistiv plasmas
F. Zantow Heavy quark free energy and the renormalized Polyakov loop