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Tuesday, Oct 1

18:00-20:00 Registration in the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Philosophenweg 16
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Wednesday, Oct 2

Time Name Title
08:30-09:00   Registration in "Physikalisches Institut" (Conference place)
09:00-09:05   Welcome
The phase diagram of QCD 1 - chair: C. Korthals Altes
09:05-09:35 D. Rischke High density QCD matter
09:35-10:05 F. Sannino Low energy theories at high matter density
10:05-10:25 D. Hong positivity of high density effective theory
10:25-10:45 P. de Forcrand QCD phase diagram from imaginary chemical potential
10:45-11:15   Coffee break
11:15-11:45 O. Philipsen What mediates the longest correlations in the QCD plasma
11:45-12:15 R. Pisarski Dilute nuclear matter in chiral perturbation theory
12:15-12:35 F. Zantow Heavy quark free energy and the renormalized Polyakov loop
12:35-12:55 G. Akemann Matrix model correlation functions for the Dirac operator with chemical potential
12:55-14:30   Lunch break
The phase diagram of QCD 2 - chair: F. Karsch
14:30-15:00 E. Laermann Lattice studies of QCD thermodynamics
15:00-15:30 Z. Fodor Lattice QCD results at finite temperature and density
15:30-16:00 U.-J. Wiese Sign and complex action problems
16:00-16:30   Coffee break
16:30-16:50 S. Hands Lattice Study of the Fermi Surface in NJL4
16:50-17:10 K. Langfeld Lattice effective theories and the deconfinement phase transition at finite densities
17:10-17:30 S. Stickan In Medium Properties of Hadrons
17:30-17:50 M. Mueller-Preussker The semi-classical structure of SU(2) lattice gauge theory at 0 < T < T_c
17:50-18:10 I. Montvay Numerical simulation with light quarks
18:10-18:40 F. Karsch Discussion forum
19:00-20:30   Reception at Philosophenweg 19

Thursday, Oct 3

Time Name Title
Quark Gluon Plasma Phenomenology - chair: J.P. Blaizot
09:00-09:30 J. Stachel Minibang in the laboratory: Heavy ion collisions at the SPS and outlook for LHC
09:30-10:00 L. McLerran A theorist's perspective on the results from RHIC
10:00-10:30 U.A. Wiedemann Jet Tomography For Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC
10:30-11:00   Coffee break
11:00-11:20 B. Tomasik Scattering rate and phase-space density at freeze-out in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
11:20-11:40 R. Baier Bottom-up scenario and Au-Au collisions at RHIC
11:40-12:00 S. Mrowczynski Collective excitations in anisotropic quark-gluon plasma
12:00-12:20 I. Shovkovy Quark stars and their cooling
12:20-12:50 J.P. Blaizot Discussion forum
12:50-14:30   Lunch break
Thermal and Nonequilibrium QFT 1 - chair: A. Patkos
14:30-15:00 M. Laine The effective theory approach to hot QCD thermodynamics
15:00-15:30 A. Rebhan HTL resummed thermodynamics of hot and dense QCD
15:30-15:50 J.O. Andersen Hard-thermal loops and QCD thermodynamics
15:50-16:10 A. Arrizabalaga \Phi-derivable approximations in gauge theories
16:10-16:30 C. Manuel QCD Effective Actions from the solutions of transport equations
16:30-16:50 A. Rajantie Defect formation in hot gauge theories
16:50-17:30   Coffee break
17:30-19:30   Poster session, Philosophenweg 16

Friday, Oct 4

Time Name Title
Thermal and Nonequilibrium QFT 2 - chair: J. Smit
09:00-09:30 D. Bödeker Generalizing kinetic equations
09:30-10:00 L. Yaffe Quasi particle dynamics and transport processes in relativistic plasmas
10:00-10:30 G. Moore Transport coefficients at leading order diagrams versus kinetic theory
10:30-11:00 G. Aarts Transport coefficients and quantum fields
11:00-11:30   Coffee break
11:30-11:50 A. Jakovac Quantum corrections to Boltzmann equations
11:50-12:20 J. Berges Parametric resonance in quantum field theory
12:20-12:40 S. Borsanyi Nonequilibrium Goldstone phenomenon in hybrid inflation
12:40-13:00 E. Mottola Gauge Invariance in 2PI Effective Actions
13:00-13:30 P. Arnold Discussion forum
13:30-15:15   Lunch break
15:15-19:00   Excursion
20:00- ...   Conference Dinner

Saturday, Oct 5

Time Name Title
Small x physics - chair: H.G. Dosch
09:00-09:30 A. Hebecker High energy scattering and diffraction at HERA
09:30-10:00 E. Iancu The colour glass condensate
10:00-10:20 J.P. Blaizot Nonlinear gluon evolution in path integral form
10:20-10:40 H.J. Pirner Critical correlations of wilson lines in SU(3) and the high-energy gamma* p cross-section
10:40-11:00 F. Schrempp QCD Instantons and Small-x Diffraction
11:00-11:30   Coffee break
11:30-11:50 H.G. Dosch Discussion forum
Cosmology - chair: M. Shaposhnikov
11:50-12:20 T. Prokopec Kinetic approach to electroweak baryogenesis
12:20-12:40 M. Losada Possible baryogenesis scenarios
12:40-13:00 M. Hindmarsh Decay of magnetic fields in the early universe
13:00-14:30   Lunch break
14:30-15:00 I. Tkachev Preheating and thermalization after inflation
15:00-15:30 M. Giovannini Cosmic magnetic fields from large and small extra dimensions
15:30-16:00 O. Törnkvist Photon dynamics in inflation
16:00-16:30   Coffee break
16:30-16:50 A. Ringwald How to detect the cosmic neutrino background
16:50-17:20 C. Wetterich Can Quintessence explain why the universe accelerates now?
17:20-17:50 M. Shaposhnikov Discussion forum
17:50-18:20 K. Kajantie Summary Talk