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Relativistic Heavy-Ion Physics

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Nonequilibrium processes in relativistic heavy-ion collisions

Equilibration processes in relativistic heavy-ion collisions are investigated theoretically from AGS to LHC energies (from several GeV to 5.5 TeV per particle pair).

For this purpose, a nonequilibrium-statistical model has been developed. Theoretical results are compared with experimental data, presently with an emphasis on those from the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider RHIC in Brookhaven.

Predictions for Pb + Pb collisions at energies to be reached at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are made both for charged hadrons that are produced from the available relativistic energy, and for net baryons (baryons minus antibaryons). These will be compared with the upcoming LHC data in the near future.

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