Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Seminars of this week

Oct 16
14:00 , Mathematikon; SR8Laura Schaposnik (Illinois U., Chicago)
On Cayley and Langlands type correspondences for Higgs bundles
Physikalische Mathematik
Oct 17
14:00 , Phil19James Unwin (Illinois U., Chicago)
Resolving the Core-Cusp Problem via Fermi Repulsion (NOTE UNUSUAL DAY!)
Beyond the Standard Model and String Theory
16:00 , PhilNicolas Wink (ITP Universität Heidelberg)
Finite temperature n-point functions from analytic continuation
Cold Quantum Coffee
16:15 , Phil19Charlotte Neitzel (ITP Universität Heidelberg)
Signal-Background Interference Pattern for Scalar Resonances PLEASE NOTE UNUSUAL TIME AND VENUE
Particle Phenomenology
Oct 18
11:15 , Phil19Giulia De Rosi (University of Trento, Italy)
Collective oscillations of a trapped atomic gas in low dimensions and thermodynamics of one-dimensional Bose gas (NOTE UNUSUAL TIME!)
Many-Body Theory
15:45 , Phil12;SR106Antonio Pereira (ITP Universität Heidelberg)
An introduction to the Gribov problem and its consequences
Quantum Gravity Seminar
Oct 19
16:15 , Phil12,Silke Weinfurtner (Nottingham)
Black hole physics in the bathtub: Rotational superradiant scattering in a vortex flow (PRETALK for students at 15:30 h)
Oct 20

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