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Carina Edwards (BIOMS postdoc)

Research Interests

    Mathematical modelling of biological systems, in particular looking at how biomechanical interactions across multiple length and time scales determine tissue structure and function. This modelling includes combining tissue elasticity and cell growth with feedback mechanisms to cellular behaviours, as informed by experimental evidence. An important aspect of this work is being able to extract quantitative information from experimental data, requiring careful image analysis.

Short Vita

Since May 2007
BIOMS Postdoctoral Researcher, BIOMS-Group Schwarz at Bioquant.
Oct. 2004 - Apr. 2007
Postdoctoral researcher, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.
Integrative Biology Project: Multiscale modelling of colorectal cancer.
Working with: Prof. S.J. Chapman and Prof. P.K. Maini
Oct. 2000 - Sept. 2004
DPhil (PhD) Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.
Thesis title: 'Hypercritical' shallow water flows.
Thesis supervisors: Dr J.R. Ockendon and Dr H. Ockendon
MMath (1st class) - Mathematics, Balliol College, University of Oxford.

Publications, Reports and Presentations


  1. Biomechanical modelling of colorectal crypt budding and fission, C.M.Edwards and S.J.Chapman, Bull. Math. Biol. 69(6):1927-1942 (2007)
  2. Examples of mathematical modeling: Tales from the crypt, M.D. Johnston, C.M.Edwards, W.F. Bodmer, P.K. Maini and S.J. Chapman, Cell Cycle 6(17):2106-2112 (2007)
  3. Mathematical modeling of cell population dynamics in the colonic crypt and in colorectal cancer, M.D. Johnston, C.M.Edwards, W.F. Bodmer, P.K. Maini and S.J. Chapman, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104(10):4008-4013 (2007)
  4. Towards a multiscale model of colorectal cancer, I.M.M.van Leeuwen, C.M.Edwards, M.Ilyas and H.M.Byrne, World J. of Gastroenterology 13(9): 1399-1407 (2007)
  5. Modelling multiscale aspects of colorectal cancer, I.M.M. van Leeuwen, H.M. Byrne, M.D. Johnston, C.M. Edwards, S.J. Chapman, W.F. Bodmer and P.K. Maini, American Institute of Physics, Conference Proceedings 971:3-7 (2008)
  6. Nonclassical shallow water flows, C.M.Edwards, S.D.Howison, H.Ockendon and J.R.Ockendon, I.M.A. J. Appl. Math. 73(1):137-157 (2008)
  7. From a discrete to a continuum model of cell dynamics in one dimension, P.J.Murray, C.M.Edwards,M.J.Tindall, and P.K.Maini Phys Rev E 80(3):031912 (2009)
  8. On the proportion of cancer stem cells in a tumour, M.D. Johnston, P.K. Maini, S.J. Chapman, C.M. Edwards, W.F. Bodmer J. Theor. Biol. (2010). (In Press).


  1. Modelling of melt on spinning wheels, C.Breward, R.Dyson, C.M.Edwards, P.Metcalfe, C.P.Please and M. Zyskin Proc.ESGI2004
  2. Some cracking ideas on egg incubation, C.M.Edwards, N. Ovenden and V.Rottschäfer, Proc.ESGI2003 (An extract appears in ECMI Newsletter 34c)
  3. Mathematical modelling of pipe-flow and extrusion of composite materials, C.Breward, P.J.Dellar, C.M.Edwards, K.Kaouri, G.Richardson and S.Wilson, Proc.ESGI2002

Selected Presentations

Epithelial morphogenesis: modelling cyst growth
March 2009 - Dresden, Germany. German Physical Society (DPG) spring meeting.
Biomechanical modelling of crypt budding and fission
June 2008: Edinburgh, U.K. European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology. (Invited contribution to minisymposium).
Jan. 2007: Birmingham, U.K. Centre for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (Seminar)
Oct. 2006: Heidelberg, Germany. Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing (Seminar)
Models for discontinuous hypercritical shallow water flows.
May 2004: Oxford, U.K. Differential Equations and Applications seminar series
Sept. 2003: Nottingham, U.K. Conference on Free Boundary Problems in Fluid Mechanics


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