"Electronic Transport in Nanostructures"

     Advanced mandatory seminar for master students (6 CPs)

  Monday 14:15-16:00, SR 106 Philosophenweg 12


13.10.14 Preparatory meeting, introduction

20.10.14 Transport through quantum point contacts

27.11.14 Quantum dots and quantum wires

03.11.14 Coulomb blockade

10.11.14 Kondo effect in nanostructures
17.11.14 Josephson effect and Andreev tunnelling

24.11.14 Molecular electronics and nanoelectromechanical

01.12.14 Majorana end states in 1D systems

08.12.14 Noise properties of nanostructures

15.12.15 Full counting statistics of charge transfer phenomena

12.01.15 Transport in quantum Hall edge state devices

19.01.15 Graphene and carbon nanotubes as prospective materials for future nanoelectronics

Quantum spin Hall effect and topological insulators
Nanoelectronics and quantum information processing

Summary and closing remarks