"Bosonization and strongly correlated systems"

 every Wednesday, klHS of the PI, 11:15-13:00  


§0 Introduction

§1 Free fermions in 1D

§2 Free bosonic field in 1D

§3 Bosonization

§4 Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid (TLL)
     4.1 Homogeneous systems
     4.2 Inhomogeneous system: a TLL with a local impurity

§5 Spin chains and bulk sine-Gordon (SG) model

     5.1 Bosonization of an XXZ chain
     5.2 RG analysis of the SG model
     5.3 TLL with spin

§6 Finite size effects and conformal symmetry

§7 Non-Abelian bosonization and WZW model


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