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Lecture winter term 2007/2008:

Theoretical Challenges at the LHC

The description of massive elementary particles is a puzzle up to now. Already in 1964 Higgs and Kibble proposed a mechanism to generate massive particles. In the nowadays experimentally very well verified Standard Model of elementary particles the discovery of the Higgs mechanism is still missing. The next year finalized Large-Hadron Collider at CERN has the main purpose to reveal this mechanism.
In the lecture we want to discuss this mechanism in detail:

- The Higgs potential
- The hypothetical Higgs boson and its search at the LHC
- The naturalness problem
- The Higgs mechanism in supersymmetric theories
- Further related subjects

  • Script of the lecture:

    date subject

    1. 15th October Introduction to spontaneous symmetry breaking
    2. 22nd October Goldstone theorem, classical and in quantum field theory
    3. 29th October Spontaneously broken gauge theories, the electroweak Standardmodel, part I
    4. 5th November Spontaneously broken gauge theories, the electroweak Standardmodel, part II
    5. 12th November The LHC project
    6. 19th November Explicit calculation of electron electron -> Z-boson Higgs
    7. 26th November Renormalization, part I: superficial divergences
    8. 3rd December Renormalization, part II: Loop integrals
    9. 10th December Renormalization, part III: Counterterm Approach
    10. 17th December Introduction to Supersymmetry, Quadratical Divergences
    11. 7th January Introduction to Supersymmetry, MSSM, Weyl-spinors
    12. 14th January Introduction to Supersymmetry, The Wess-Zumino model
    13. 28th January Introduction to Supersymmetry, The superpotential
    14. 4th February Introduction to Supersymmetry, SUSY Higgs bosons

    Download of script