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Stefan Kehrein, Andreas Mielke: Diagonalization of system plus environment Hamiltonians
J. Stat. Phys.90, 889-898 (1998) .

Archiv: cond-mat/9701123


A new approach to dissipative quantum systems modelled by a system plus environment Hamiltonian is presented. Using a continuous sequence of infinitesimal unitary transformations the small quantum system is decoupled from its thermodynamically large environment. Dissipation enters through the observation that system observables generically 'decay' completely into a different structure when the Hamiltonian is transformed into diagonal form. The method is particularly suited for studying low--temperature properties. This is demonstrated explicitly for the super-Ohmic spin-boson model.


author="Stefan Kehrein, Andreas Mielke",
title="Diagonalization of system plus environment Hamiltonians",
journal="J. Stat. Phys.",

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