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Stefan Klumpp, Andreas Mielke, Christian Wald: Noise induced transport of two coupled particles
Phys. Rev. E63, 031914, 1-10 (2001) .


We study the motion of two harmonically coupled particles in a sawtooth potential. The particles are subject to temporally correlated multiplicative noise. The stationary current is calculated in an expansion about the limit of rigid coupling. For two coupled particles a driving mechanism occurs which is different from the one occurring in the case of a single particle. In particular this mechanism does not need diffusion. Depending on the equilibrium distance of the particles, a current reversal occurs. Possible relevance as a model for motor proteins is discussed.


author="Stefan Klumpp, Andreas Mielke, Christian Wald",
title="Noise induced transport of two coupled particles",
journal="Phys. Rev. E",
pages="031914, 1-10",

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