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Andreas Mielke: Similarity renormalization of the electron--phonon coupling
Ann. Physik (Leipzig)6, 215-233 (1997) .

Archiv: cond-mat/9609065


We study the problem of the phonon-induced electron-electron interaction in a solid. Starting with a Hamiltonian that contains an electron-phonon interaction, we perform a similarity renormalization transformation to calculate an effective Hamiltonian. Using this transformation singularities due to degeneracies are avoided explicitely. The effective interactions are calculated to second order in the electron-phonon coupling. It is shown that the effective interaction between two electrons forming a Cooper pair is attractive in the whole parameter space. The final result is compared with effective interactions obtained using other approaches.


author="Andreas Mielke",
title="Similarity renormalization of the electron--phonon coupling",
journal="Ann. Physik (Leipzig)",

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