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Albert Verdeny, Andreas Mielke, Florian Mintert: Accurate effective Hamiltonians via unitary flow in Floquet space
Phys. Rev. Lett.111, 175301 (2013) .

Archiv: arXiv:1304.3584


We present a systematic construction of effective Hamiltonians of periodically driven quantum systems. Due to an equivalence between the time dependence of a Hamiltonian and an interaction in its Floquet operator, flow equations, that permit to decouple interacting quantum systems, allow us to identify time-independent Hamiltonians for driven systems. With this approach, we explain the experimentally observed deviation of expected suppression of tunneling in ultra-cold atoms.


author="Albert Verdeny, Andreas Mielke, Florian Mintert",
title="Accurate effective Hamiltonians via unitary flow in Floquet space",
journal="Phys. Rev. Lett.",

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