Dr Eran Palti

As part of a project on models of particle physics coming from the Heterotic string in collaboration with Lara Anderson, James Gray and Andre Lukas we constructed a database of hundreds of models which have precisely the particle spectrum of the supersymmetric Standard Model. This database can be found here.

As part of a project I produced a webpage and mathematica file that can be used to determine the spectrum of states and extra dimensional wavefunction profiles around a point of E8 enhancement in F-theory. These can be found here.

Here is a nice website on String Theory.

One of the great things about string theory research is that it is often done in teams. It has always been a great pleasure to share my passion for the subject with others of equal interest in understanding the universe, and in doing so I have learned much about physics. It is only logical that I link to those collaborators that have a personal webpage: Joseph Conlon, James Gray, Andre Lukas, Andrei Micu, James Sparks, Timo Weigand.