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The Unknown as an Engine of Science

An Essay on the Definite and the Indefinite

Hans J. Pirner

I. Introduction When does science become indefinite/ Questions about uncertainty/ Indefinite or definite/ How to proceed

II. Evidence for the Indefinite Chance in theoretical models/ The unpredictable future/ Indeterminacy in quantum physics/ Vagueness in language/ Indistinct memories of the past/ Indefinite ontology

III. Approaching the definite Information/ Quantum information/ Complexity/ Obtaining meaning from the information cloud/ Complex networks/ The neural network

IV. Establishing the definite from the indefinite Experimental methods/ Decision theory and game theory/ Fuzzy logic and systems control/ Finding the right metaphor/ Following the signs/ Actors and scenarios: Theater instead of theory

V. The Unknown as an engine of science: Summary Epilog

Appendix: A simple example of how complexity and indefiniteness combine to define the value of information

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