Simulational Methods in Physics


Each day, a morning lecture is scheduled for an introductory review. Topics and lecturers include:

The BEC-BCS Crossover   -   Wilhelm Zwerger (TU München)
Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices   -   Hans Peter Büchler (IQOQI Innsbruck)
Nonequilibrium Dynamics   -   Gert Aarts (Swansea)

These lectures will be followed by further contributions of the participants devoted to the presentation of new developments, leaving also plenty of time for discussions.

Programme: [ Download here PDF Programme & Book of Abstracts ]

Tuesday, 17.07.2007

18:30       Registration at International Science Forum
19:00       Welcome reception

Wednesday, 18.07.2007

9:15       Opening
9:30   W. Zwerger (Munich)   The BEC-BCS Crossover Slides
10:30       Coffee break
11:00   W. Zwerger (Munich)   The BEC-BCS Crossover Slides
12:00       Lunch
14:00   C. Wetterich (Heidelberg)   Universality in ultracold fermionic atom gases Abstract Slides
14:30   S. Diehl (Innsbruck)   Functional Renormalization Group for the BCS BEC Crossover in Cold Fermion Systems Abstract Slides
15:00   T. Matsuura (Trento)   A study of BCS and Bogolyubov theories with the exact renormalization group Abstract Slides
15:30       Coffee break
16:00   J.O. Andersen (Trondheim)   1/N techniques at finite temperature and density Abstract Slides
16:30   N. Hasselmann (Frankfurt)   Two-parameter scaling of correlation functions near continous phase transitions Abstract Slides
17:00   A. Kreisel (Frankfurt)   Bose-Einstein condensation and spin-wave interactions in quantum antiferromagnets Abstract Slides
17:30       Coffee break
18:00   P. Kopietz (Frankfurt)   Dynamic structure factor of Luttinger liquids Abstract Slides
18:30   M. Szymańska (Oxford)   Microcavity polaritons: BCS-BEC in strongly dissipative systems Abstract Slides

Thursday, 19.07.2007

9:00   A. Streltsov (Heidelberg)   Dynamics of interacting bosonic systems beyond Gross-Pitaevskii: Theory and applications Abstract Slides
9:30   H.P. Büchler (Innsbruck)   Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices Slides
10:30       Coffee break
11:00   G. Aarts (Swansea)   Nonequilibrium Dynamics Slides (1)
12:00       Lunch
14:00   J. Berges (Darmstadt)   Non-Equilibrium Dynamics with the 2PI Effective Action Abstract Slides
14:30   H. Buljan (Zagreb)   Momentum Distribution Dynamics of a Tonks-Girardeau Gas: Bragg Reflections of a Quantum Many-Body Wavepacket Abstract Slides
15:00       Coffee break
15:30   N. Proukakis (Newcastle)   Quasi-Condensate Modelling by Stochastic Methods Abstract Slides
16:00   W. Hofstetter (Frankfurt)   Disorder and Interaction in Multicomponent Ultracold Atom Systems Abstract Slides
16:30       Coffee break
17:00   C. Honerkamp (Würzburg)   Multicolor Hubbard models with ultracold atoms Abstract Slides
17:30   M. Hild (Darmstadt)   Structure and Dynamics of Ultracold Atomic Gases in Optical Superlattices Abstract Slides
20:00       Conference dinner

Friday, 20.07.2007

9:00   S. Wimberger (Heidelberg)   Quantum diffusion in disordered potentials Abstract Slides
9:30   G. Aarts (Swansea)   Nonequilibrium Dynamics Slides (2) Slides (3)
10:30       Coffee break
11:00   H.P. Büchler (Innsbruck)   Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices Slides
12:00       Lunch
14:00   R. Walser (Ulm)   Quantum dynamics of dilute quantum gases with extended mean-field theory Abstract Slides
14:30   C. Kollath (Geneva)   Ultracold atoms: physics far from equilibrium Abstract Slides
15:00       Coffee break
15:30   M. Rigol (Boston)   Statistical mechanics of an integrable system after relaxation Abstract Slides
16:00   A. Okopińska (Kielce)   A systematic approximation scheme for the density functional of an interacting Bose gas Abstract
16:30   P. Schlagheck (Regensburg)   Transport of Bose-Einstein condensates beyond Gross-Pitaevskii Abstract Slides
17:00       Closing remarks

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